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Music is one realm of life that helps people connect with their feelings. Sometimes a melody or beat can help bring to life the words and emotions that an artist experienced or is experiencing. The artist can then pour  this emotion into a song or an album.  A listener has the pleasure of being able […]

Although new music is being created in what seems an abundance, Old School music always tends to make a comeback. Come on, you know what I mean! What’s a summertime cookout without Will Smith’s ‘Summertime’ playing? What’s a Wedding reception without Cameo’s ‘Candy’ getting everyone off of their feet? Old School and New School intertwine […]

  Historically, women have been seen as feeble and meek individuals. This gender stereotype left women feeling that they were in fact their stereotypes and that they hadn’t too much more to offer to themselves or others. Despite this, women have overcome these stereotypes and continue to do so. Women have fought for their right […]

March is Women’s History month! People should celebrate women and their achievements always. However, March is the month set aside so that people can take the time to learn about women who have impacted history, fought for women’s rights, and those who are up and coming and will continue on the legacy of other great […]

It’s the return of the Mack! Macklemore’s new album  “Ben” debuted on March 03, 2023.  ‘Heroes’ one of the new tracks from the album features DJ Premier. The album also features the likes of Tones and I, NLE Choppa,  Windser, and Collett. The song has an old school vibe to it.  As DJ premier spins […]

James Todd Smith, better known as L.L. Cool J, never ceases to amaze fans. The ‘head sprung’ rapper, has managed to stay relevant for the duration of his career. His albums range from 1985 to 2023.  Not only has Mr. Smith played his part as a musician he has also starred as an actor in  […]


February 27, 2023

Every now and again a person piques our interest for one reason or another. Aaron King is one of these people. His story is amazing. King, a Buffalo native, started his musical journey at five years old playing the drums in church. He grew up listening to gospel and worship music. As a teen, King […]