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September 20, 2023

Music is amazing. A melody can bring us back to a specific place and time. A chord can strike our heart’s emotions. Words can be so relatable that we begin to understand that we all go through similar things in life. People grow a fondness and appreciation for music and the impact that it has […]

Every now and again I come across individuals that pique my curiosity. The idiosyncrasies that people encompass are amazing to me. No two people are ever the same. I truly admire seeing people that have a specific craft acknowledge and embrace what they are good at or what they are mastering. Recently, I have had […]

  Three years ago was the the inception of Flava 1 Radio Station. A radio station is a radio station, right? WRONG! Flava 1 Radio is a game changer. Not only do they play tha Hitz, tha Jointz, and the Classix there is also always an opportunity for the public to interact with the DJs. […]

🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 Flava 1 Radio has done it again.  This past Saturday the team was rockin’ out at the Sumpter Street Block Party in Brooklyn. I may be biased but when the team comes together in unison they are nothing short of amazing. The public had a great time and most importantly people were OUTSIDE (mingling […]


I’m sure we all have been in that stage of life where we wanted to be cool or impress someone. Maybe we just wanted to fit in. On August 11, 1973, this was the case for Cindy Campbell. Cindy needed a creative way to make money to buy new school clothes. What better way to […]

Writing is one creative way that people can express themselves. Writing stories and songs is an amazing way to live vicariously through a character or façade. One of my favorite past times is writing poetry. Poetry to me, is writing that allows an individual to divulge his or her feelings in an expressive way that […]