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Jhony Onist, is a rap artist originally from Manhattan. However, he has resided in Buffalo, New York for most of his life. Jhony represents Buffalo to the fullest, while still acknowledging his Mid-town and Harlem roots. To fully understand Jhony Onist, you must first listen to his music and then you will gain the knowledge […]

    One of my favorite parts of blogging is learning about people. I enjoy getting to step into someone else’s world for a while and getting a gist of where their story takes me. The candor and realness of these blog interviews always blows my mind. And…I don’t really get “star struck”. I see […]

      Today’s youth have so many different opportunities at their fingertips. The entrepreneurial possibilities are limitless. I am always amazed when an individual’s  ingenuity becomes their niche. The best part of ingenuity is its idiosyncratic nature. Everyone does things in ways that are unique to themselves, heightening their potential for success. I had […]

One thing that I enjoy seeing is people lifting each other up!!I feel even more joy when I see women supporting women. Why? Well,  number one because I am a woman. Number two because woman often have a tendency to tear each other down in catty competition instead wanting each other to win. When think […]

It is always very humbling interviewing individuals for my blog. I get to learn so much about the people that I am interviewing. I get a small piece of their world that I can share with you all! I enjoy these interviews because I get to see a different side of an artist or producer […]

Searching for solemn and silence…some peace inside the quiet… But my thoughts are too loud, disrespectful and violent… They always approach me starting a riot. My head is exploding, my body imploding, and I’m taking with me all of my old dreams. Now silence is loud…It’s so dark in here… To my left is my […]


September 20, 2023

Music is amazing. A melody can bring us back to a specific place and time. A chord can strike our heart’s emotions. Words can be so relatable that we begin to understand that we all go through similar things in life. People grow a fondness and appreciation for music and the impact that it has […]