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A League of His Own

Written by on January 7, 2024

In this thing we call life, we encounter many people. Some of these individuals create an impact in our lives. Often, this impact leads us to strive towards similar things in life. These events open our eyes to the idea that we, too, can achieve success. The previous was the case for rapper H-D as a child. Read on below to learn about H-D.

Who is H-D?

H-D is an MC and Rap Artist that was born and raised in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. He was raised in a household that loved soul and R&B music.
As a result, H-D “naturally possessed a love and passion for sound, rhythm, art, poetry and feeling.” Prince, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Sade, The O’Jays, Barry White, Tina Marie, and Brian McKnight are some of the artists that H-D grew up listening to at home. Ultimately Prince, Marvin Gaye, Whitney, and Michael Jackson became H-D’s biggest musical influences. Great choices!

Rap entered H-D’s life in a very interesting way. On the way home from school one day he experienced a rap cipher. This intrigued H-D, made him curious, and ultimately started his passion for rap music. WOW! I have never experienced a cipher in person. Maybe I can put that on my bucket list. H-D’s Dad often inspired him through the use of words, rhythms, patterns, and substance while rapping. These experiences left “an enormous imprint on why he makes music today. All in all, music is what birthed him.” H-D’s biggest Hip-Hop influences are Jay-Z and The Notorious BIG.


“If I could collaborate with anyone it would be with a Band called the Kooks. Reason being so is because I love their overall style, their production, their word play, their aesthetic and also their visuals. I’ve always admired many different genres of music. One being Rock.” I love this. I am always amazed by artists collabo choices. The reasoning behind the collaboration is even sweeter.

Setting H-D Apart from Others

One question that I am often reluctant to ask is what sets an artist apart from others. However, I always enjoy the answer. H-D’s answer was one of my favorites. “What sets me apart from other people in my line of work is that I’m not just an MC or an artist. And not just a performer.  I’m an author. I write poetry, short stories, and [make] films. My style of writing is very unconventional, daring, energetic, thematic, thought provoking and witty.  In addition to my approach to writing music, the speed at which I can write songs. The time I utilize to record songs, which is very minimal. The biggest of them all would be the voice that I have. Also, I grew up around the corner from where the Notorious BIG was raised, so with being that close to greatness, it was almost predestined for me to be here. Since a child I had a front row view to be inspired by pioneers like such.”

Advice to Prospective Artists

WOW!! H-D’s advice to prospective artists is A1!!! To succeed in this business, “You have to be willing to sacrifice day in and day out for what it is that you love to do.  You most certainly need a team that believes in you just as much as you believe in yourself. I’d also say, you’ll have to build relationships with those in and outside of your line of work. Do the right thing, don’t take shortcuts, keep close to your mentors and maintain an enormous amount of faith. Also, what ever your vision is, see yourself there already.” Honestly, this advice can used in so many areas of life. Thank you for the reminder H-D.


There are many challenges presented to individuals in the music industry. Understanding how to overcome these obstacles is integral to the success and growth of the artist. This is what H-D had to say about  facing challenges. One must commit to “establishing the right management. I’ve been able to leap the hurdle by surrounding myself with individuals whom genuinely have love for me. [These individuals] wish to witness my success in life, excluding the music. Learning to trust my instincts was valuable. If you feel someone or something is not a good thing for you, stay away from it. Don’t indulge just so you can say to yourself, ok good I’ve learned a lesson. Because many lessons, mistakes rather come with great cost. WOW!!! Can I just RUN THAT BACK???  We should not just indulge for the sake of saying we learned from something. All things come with a cost!!! I heard and received that!!!

H-D’s Future
In five years H-D has big plans for himself. He hopes to be touring and travelling the world while performing songs from his fifth album.
Speaking of which… H-D’s debut Album, ‘Face to Face’, drops January 7th, 2024. I cant wait to hear it!

HD-I hope that your five year plans come to fruition!!!!

Fun Facts
“I enjoy watching movies.”

“One of my favorite films is a Bronx Tale.”

“I love the outdoors, nature etc.”

“Malibu California is my place of peace.”

“I listen to classical music everyday.”

Social Media/ Websites

YouTube: Rapper H-D
Apple Music: H-D
Spotify: H-D
Instagram: @_everythinghd
Twitter: @_everythinghd
Facebook: @_everythingh-d
TikTok: @_everythinghd




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