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  We have all heard the phrase do not judge a book by its cover. Or you cannot understand a person unless you put their shoes on and walk around in their skin. As Cliché as these sound… they are true. Below a person’s surface is where you find what lies in their core. T.O. […]

 “David REY {The Lettuce} is a Son, Husband, Father, and servant to all of the Great Creators creations.” Hailing from New York City, The Lettuce currently resides in the mid Hudson region of New York State. The Lettuce is an artist that has early roots in feeling music and drawing a connection with it. As […]

“They told me don’t compete with the locals… follow your vision. Every time I look in the mirror… all I see is competition.” RUN THAT BAAAACK!!!!!!That’s just one of the lines that had me hooked on the song ‘Forever’ by Rose Gold Rellz. This song has a familiar old school melody and feel to it. […]

  Alicia Keys and Usher Super Bowl LVIII 2024 Now that the dust is just beginning to settle…. I’M BAAAAAAACK!!!! I’m just going to jump right into it. First things first, Usher KILLED the Super bowl half-time show! No one can tell me anything different. Usher is a true performer. He can sing, dance, and […]

In this thing we call life, we encounter many people. Some of these individuals create an impact in our lives. Often, this impact leads us to strive towards similar things in life. These events open our eyes to the idea that we, too, can achieve success. The previous was the case for rapper H-D as […]


December 3, 2023

GO!!!!! When I think about the word GO I think about getting up and getting things done. To some, the word GO might mean to take off and not return. To many, we scream, “GO” when someone in traffic is taking too long to turn. You get the point. Today, however, GO means Game Over. […]

Music Artists often need to find a balance that helps them keep a fan base and stay relevant. One artist that I can think of that has done this- has done so by unapologetically being herself. She has collaborated with the likes of Ciara, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Alyson Stoner, and but not limited to Timbaland. […]