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One thing that I enjoy seeing is people lifting each other up!!I feel even more joy when I see women supporting women. Why? Well,  number one because I am a woman. Number two because woman often have a tendency to tear each other down in catty competition instead wanting each other to win. When think […]

It is always very humbling interviewing individuals for my blog. I get to learn so much about the people that I am interviewing. I get a small piece of their world that I can share with you all! I enjoy these interviews because I get to see a different side of an artist or producer […]

Searching for solemn and silence…some peace inside the quiet… But my thoughts are too loud, disrespectful and violent… They always approach me starting a riot. My head is exploding, my body imploding, and I’m taking with me all of my old dreams. Now silence is loud…It’s so dark in here… To my left is my […]


September 20, 2023

Music is amazing. A melody can bring us back to a specific place and time. A chord can strike our heart’s emotions. Words can be so relatable that we begin to understand that we all go through similar things in life. People grow a fondness and appreciation for music and the impact that it has […]

Every now and again I come across individuals that pique my curiosity. The idiosyncrasies that people encompass are amazing to me. No two people are ever the same. I truly admire seeing people that have a specific craft acknowledge and embrace what they are good at or what they are mastering. Recently, I have had […]

  Three years ago was the the inception of Flava 1 Radio Station. A radio station is a radio station, right? WRONG! Flava 1 Radio is a game changer. Not only do they play tha Hitz, tha Jointz, and the Classix there is also always an opportunity for the public to interact with the DJs. […]

🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 Flava 1 Radio has done it again.  This past Saturday the team was rockin’ out at the Sumpter Street Block Party in Brooklyn. I may be biased but when the team comes together in unison they are nothing short of amazing. The public had a great time and most importantly people were OUTSIDE (mingling […]