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Photographers can create a scene, bring a subject’s vision to life, and get lost in moment with their photos. The ability to take a photograph of something or someone gives an individual a sense of freedom…freedom to capture, freedom to explore, freedom to imagine. A photographer has the ability to engage in some of an […]

It’s the early 90s on the East side of Buffalo, New York, the parents in the house- children outside. Younger kids are playing house, riding their bikes, or  playing board games on the porch (board games were used more on rainy days). Most times, the boys were playing street football and the girls were doing […]

We’ve all heard the sayings- “The Sky is the limit”, “Reach for the Stars”, and “The World is Yours”! While these expressions may sound cliché they are seemingly true.  Given the right tools, and personal motivation, all individuals have the potential to hone in on their creative idiosyncrasies. I interviewed a young woman named Amari […]

If I heard that song or phrase… ‘IT’S ME B*TCHES’,  by Swizz Beatz, one more time… I was going to scream!! Soon it grew on me though. I learned to have an appreciation for Swizz. He has a way of telling people “I’m here whether you like me or not…and I’m not going anywhere either!” When […]

Music is one realm of life that helps people connect with their feelings. Sometimes a melody or beat can help bring to life the words and emotions that an artist experienced or is experiencing. The artist can then pour  this emotion into a song or an album.  A listener has the pleasure of being able […]

Although new music is being created in what seems an abundance, Old School music always tends to make a comeback. Come on, you know what I mean! What’s a summertime cookout without Will Smith’s ‘Summertime’ playing? What’s a Wedding reception without Cameo’s ‘Candy’ getting everyone off of their feet? Old School and New School intertwine […]

  Historically, women have been seen as feeble and meek individuals. This gender stereotype left women feeling that they were in fact their stereotypes and that they hadn’t too much more to offer to themselves or others. Despite this, women have overcome these stereotypes and continue to do so. Women have fought for their right […]