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Written by on May 18, 2024


We have all heard the phrase do not judge a book by its cover. Or you cannot understand a person unless you put their shoes on and walk around in their skin. As Cliché as these sound… they are true. Below a person’s surface is where you find what lies in their core. T.O. Lestat is an example of someone that is just absolutely amazing. I want to keep reading his chapters to get to know just who he is. Read on to learn more about T.O.

T.O. Lestat

Hailing from the southern tier region of NY (outside of Buffalo) is master carpenter, master teacher, and master Emcee, T.O. Lestat. He hones in on his creativity branching outside of his thoughts to paint pictures of his life through his words.  T.O. has been “drawn to music since a child- playing piano, drums, and writing rhymes. I love music as it has the ability to relax, excite, bring joy and sadness. Music is the language of the soul.” YES!!!! I agree music helps the soul talk in its most vulnerable state.

Musical Influences and Collaborations

“Shock G & Digital Underground, BootCamp Clik out of Bucktown, Wize Intelligent from Poor Righteous Teachers, Black Thought of the Roots Crew, Griselda Records, Boldy James, Rome Streetz and many of the East Coast Boom Bap legends of the 1990’s” are the musical groups that have influenced T.O. Lestat to make music. Seems like T.O. has a good set of musical influences. If  T.O. could collaborate with anyone it would be the likes of Black Thought, Smif N Wessun, Boldy James, and GXFR. I hope that one day you can collab with one of these artists!!!

What Sets T.O. Apart From Other Artists?

I am always curious to know what an artist feels sets him or herself apart from others. This question is very important to me.  While artists are influenced by and share similarities with others, it is how they choose to create their music that gives them a name and a following. An imprint on fans if you will. “I write rhymes that depict the life that I actually live- Good or bad. I pen my Reality Rhymes with a unique flow, style, Rhyme scheme, and use details to paint pictures with my words. My style discusses everyday issues of depression, drugs, death, hardships, success and failure.  What I spit is truly me, and I hope to inspire people to be themselves in a plastic world.” RUN THAT BAAAAACK. “…and I hope to inspire people to be themselves in a plastic world.” WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! Those are definitely words of inspiration. We do not have to follow timelines or goals that others set for us. We have to set goals and be who we are for ourselves.

Mental HELLth EP?

No ONE and I mean NO one is exempt from struggle or some sort of afflliction in life. Some struggle or have more afflictions than others. However, no one is exempt. The movement behind the Mental HELLth EP “I have and struggle with mental HELLth issues and I often write about them through music therapy. I crafted this ep to bring light to a serious problem, that needs to be more addressed. I have been very blessed with the opportunity to bring light to this topic and will continue to be a proponent for Mental HELLth through music.”

Advice for Upcoming Artists/Challenges Faced

The following is one of my other favorite parts of the blog. I am always curious what advice one artist would lend another. Every artist has faced different obstacles and can lend some sort of perspective to another. T.O. has faced many challenges. These include money issues, being an Italian emcee, and doing this things alone. T.O.  lends this advice… “To be you, never changing, non-conforming, and unapologetic. Make music that you believe in while being sincere and honest. In believe if your sound, style, and message is genuine. Than that alone is a success as you develop and create your music for the world.”

The future of T.O. Lestat

T.O. has a bright outlook for his future. This includes- touring, having my Brand T.O. Lestat and Armed|Educated Media & Prod. Inc be my main source of income. Helping the young adults deal with their mental HELLth through my assistance and community programs I am going to see up. And finally , having my daughter more.” WOW this is amazing. Go ahead and do BIG things.

Fun Facts

T.O. is…

A triplet

A thrift store owner

A social studies teacher

An advocate for both Mental HELLth &  Father Advocacy Rights.

 Social Media

All Streaming services

Air it out radio with FiyaChick

DJ King flows mixtape- ‘Addicts Industry Pirates 2’

IG/Threads- @to_lestat

Fb/TikTok/X- @ T.O. Lestat

Discord- T.O. Lestat’s Fledglings

Website coming soon!


To me: “Thank you for your time, energy and love of hip-hop, the indie scene, and your passion for writing.”

Thank you T.O.


Reader's opinions
  1. T.O. Lestat   On   May 18, 2024 at 10:32 pm

    This is an awesome interview. I truly do appreciate your finesse, expertise, Nd writing about real hip hop. As it is not dead, real emcee’s, DJ’s, radio hosts, bloggers, interviewers are here putting in that work. Very well said from you. Thank you again for the blessing and opportunity!!!!

    • Gabrielle McCann   On   May 26, 2024 at 11:51 am

      You are more than welcome. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I am excited to see all the good things you do with your craft!!! I’m definitely staying tuned.


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