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Weedie TheGod

Written by on October 23, 2023



One of my favorite parts of blogging is learning about people. I enjoy getting to step into someone else’s world for a while and getting a gist of where their story takes me. The candor and realness of these blog interviews always blows my mind. And…I don’t really get “star struck”. I see these individuals as people just like me, except they are telling me their story. And I am always impressed. Recently, I had the pleasure of informally interviewing Weedie TheGod. I was very impressed with his poise and raw honesty.

Weedie TheGod

Weedie theGod is from Lackawanna, New York. Weedie is a real nickname that was given to him at five or six years old. Weedie has a laid back disposition. He is a father of two children. Weedie has been doing music for 17 years where he focused on helping other people for the majority of this time. Four years ago, however, he focused more on himself. Weedie has dropped five projects since then- ‘All Praises Due’, ‘Believe’, ‘God Talk’,  ‘God World’, and dropping November 18th- ‘God Talk 2’.

Biggest Influences

We grow up listening to a plethora of music but sometimes certain artists captivate us so strongly that they imprint their influence. Jay-Z, Biggie, and Kanye West are Weedie TheGod’s biggest musical influences. If Weedie could collaborate with anyone it would be Jay Z. ” I wanna go to to toe with the goat” Weedie explains. Wow! I respect that! I hope this happens for Weedie. I asked Weedie what sets him apart from other artists. His response was,  “My authenticity. I’m not portraying a character I really rap about my life lol.” I love this response because it hones in on  Weedie’s idiosyncratic being. He can be himself, set himself apart from others and everyone can still eat from the proverbial ‘table.”

The Long Haul

Weedie TheGod has some advice for anyone that is up and coming and hoping to be successful in the music industry. ” Believe in yourself no matter how bad it gets, stay motivated, determined and be consistent.” This is important because life throws curve balls all the time. Weedie TheGod explains how he overcomes these obstacles or curve balls. “We face challenges everyday being independent artists. And to over come those challenges I just keep my mind open to learning new ways to do things that can help me be successful.” I love the positivity that Weedie uses to keep the challenges of everyday life in check.

Fun Facts

Weedie The God laughs all day long.

Weedie TheGod “was a beast on the basketball court.”


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