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Tropical Breeze Exotics

Written by on October 6, 2023




Today’s youth have so many different opportunities at their fingertips. The entrepreneurial possibilities are limitless. I am always amazed when an individual’s¬† ingenuity becomes their niche. The best part of ingenuity is its idiosyncratic nature. Everyone does things in ways that are unique to themselves, heightening their potential for success. I had the pleasure to interview Keshaun Johnson, a small business owner, with a vested interest in animals. When I say his creativity and knowledge are going to take him far… I believe that!!! Read on to find out more about Keshaun and dive into his world a little further.


Who Is Keshaun?
Keshaun is a¬† 25 -year- old man that has been “enthusiastic about animals, specifically reptiles, my whole life.”¬† He has motto that he hopes will inspire others -“Monetize your Dreams”.¬† Keshaun is monetizing his dreams with his business. Keshaun¬† struggles to¬† find peace due mental health afflictions. But as his business grows the less struggle he feels.¬† Tropical Breeze Exotics, is a¬† breeding business that Keshaun started. For Keshaun there is no limit to what species of reptiles he will breed. Tropical Breeze Exotics is going to produce and house several species which will form several branches. These include but certainly are not limited to Solid Sheds- High End morph breeding. Tropical Breeze will have a reptile room and a planned expansion for Big Body K9s which will house and produce the world’s largest breeds of K9s, and there will be so much more. “A one stop shop for all things exotic to say the least.” What an impressive business plan!¬† Keshaun credits his grandfather for his interest in animals-
” My Grandfather,¬† has always had a farm unique to himself which grew on me. It’s safe to say I’m following in his footsteps, just a more modern day version where you start a business and make millions hopefully lol.” Keshaun doesn’t care to strike it rich rich. He¬† wants his business to be self sustaining. He aspires to do the things that he loves to do with the support of the people he loves.
” I hope to show my creative mind to the world, select few people have the ideas and thought process I do and those people happen to be my idols and well respected across the “exotic animal industry”. Without exposing my plans I will say the end goal is something far bigger than I believe anyone has ever seen. I hope to get there and believe I will.” I believe he will get there too especially through hardwork, hope , and¬† manifestation.
What sets you apart from other breeders
“Variety. Although I’m still growing there wont be many people if any who will be involved with as many different species as I. Not just the species, but the genetic lines that give them value, my collection is filled with high end morphs that will only produce better offspring. The normal version of an animal can always be made better when working with genetics, that applies to anyone and anything.”
Fun Facts
Keshaun houses 24 animals in a 2 bedroom apt
Keshaun is secretly Hilarious
Keshaun is a father to be- Twins.
 Social Media
Facebook: Tropical Breeze Exotics
 Instagram: @Tropical.Breeze.Exotics
  Tik Tok: @Tropical.Breeze.Exotics
 Linktr.ee: @tropicalbr2020





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