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Flava1 Radio has really put themselves on the map. Last month, they took over Atlanta unapologetically. Flava 1 is going big places and doing big things. As DJ Jiles would say Flava 1 is outsiiiiiiide. That said, without further a do…. šŸ“£Ladies and gentlemen šŸ“£ May I please have your attention! Flava 1 Radio is […]

Sometimes fans feel unnoticed or think that they will never get a response from someone that they see as a celebrity or someone they hold in high regard. It is important to show people that stardom and fandom are equally important and that we can all admire one another as well as learn from each […]

Every now and again we come across an artist that is part of a genre, but in a true category of his or her own. Thus, this person stands out amongst others and cannot really be compared to another artist. Busta Rhymes is one of these artists. The ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can […]

When they came together to create this radio station, I don’t know if Clayton Wynter, Roy Padro, or Harry Hurst knew just how much of a following they would gain or the impact that they would have on others. These three partners created this platform that allows themselves and their fellow team of DJS to […]

Historically, the film industry has not acknowledged African Americans in the same light as it has its European Counter parts. We see this often inĀ  nominations for acting, producing, directing, and films.Ā  This, however, has not stopped African American people from attempting to attain the same acknowledgment that they, too, deserve. Khalil Carr, is a […]

May 24, 2023, the world lost an Icon. The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner, died at 83 years old. I have seen countless memes referencingĀ  Anna Mae “eating the cake” or Ike meeting Tina at the entrance of “heaven”. Some find it funny. Some don’t. Another’s misfortune should never be used for comedic […]

Last year (May 2022), in my hometown of Buffalo, New York, there was a mass shooting that would leave 10 people dead, three people injured, and a community filled with anger, loss, frustration, and fear. This incident truly hit home. Usually, I can NOT just write a poem about something dead on the spot. But […]