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‘The Super Ugly’

Written by on February 26, 2024

“They told me don’t compete with the locals… follow your vision. Every time I look in the mirror… all I see is competition.” RUN THAT BAAAACK!!!!!!That’s just one of the lines that had me hooked on the song ‘Forever’ by Rose Gold Rellz. This song has a familiar old school melody and feel to it. But there is no mistaking that Rose Gold Rellz has a sound like no other. ‘The Super Ugly’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

Who is Rose Gold Rellz?

Rose Gold Rellz  grew up on Broadway on Buffalo New York’s East Side. Rose Gold Rellz was raised in a single parent house hold. His older brother and sister  “taught me about hip hop early.” WuTang’s ‘Cream’ video inspired Rose Gold Rellz. After watching this video he knew rap was in his future.
A mixture of the “different styles of rap they used in that track and the vivid story telling inspired me to rap.” By the time Rose Gold Rellz went to high school (he attended Buffalo’s McKinley Highschool) the took rapping seriously.
Musical Influences
Rose Gold Rellz’ biggest musical influence is NAS. “He’s my favorite rapper of all time. His style of rap is unmatched. His longevity in the game is really every artist goal. He’s been making classic albums since the 90s til this day. I think every rapper looks up to NAS.” NAS is most certainly a legend. Personally, I went through a phase of learning to “love” all of NAS’ work even if I didn’t like it all. I respect his grind. He has certainly stood the test of time.  Rose Gold Rellz  would want to collaborate with NAS. because he is he is a legend.” I think our styles together would be epic.”
Rose Gold Rellz- if you can dream it… it is possible. I hope you get a chance to collaborate with NAS.
Set Apart
Often, we compare artists by sound or lyrical composition. While we may compare artists, they all have qualities that set them apart from one another.
When I asked Rose Gold Rellz what sets him apart from other artists this was his response, “I think my creativity, the way I put bars together, my whole aura makes me different from other rappers. I can catch onto a beat and write a fire 16 in a heartbeat. I have my own identity. I don’t sound like any other artist out here. I’m super marketable and I sell my own merch which is always selling out. I basically follow the beat to my own drum and lead the way.” RUUUUUUUNNNNN that BAAAAAAAACK… Rose Gold Rellz is confident in his ability to be different than others in many capacities. I love it. This is truly important in the music industry because of the pressure that is put on artists to sometimes be who or what they are not. One thing is for sure Rose Gold Rellz isn’t falling for it!
I like to ask artists where their inspiration come from. This helps me as a listener to understand how the artist is inspired. I also like to ask artists to give inspiration to others. I am always amazed by their answers. Every artist has faced different experiences, but another up and coming artist might find comfort in knowing about others’ ideas and experiences relative to becoming successful in the industry. This is rose Gold Rellz’ inspiration for new artists. “Be yourselves and never give up. Many doors will shut in your face, many people will hate, people won’t support, but you gotta believe in yourself. Keep ya head high and know you’re the shit.” KNOW YOUR WORTH no matter what. I love it!
Challenges and Future Visions
To say that we as people don’t face challenges in life is absurd. We all face some sort of obstacle or challenge. We all handle hindrances differently.
I asked Rose Gold Rellz what challenges he’s faced in this industry and how he overcomes these obstacles. This was his response, “Everyday is an obstacle. I gotta overcome hate. I gotta outrap the next artist on features. I gotta make better songs than other rappers. I just keep my foot on the pedal, no brakes no remorse.”
I like to ask artists what their visions for the future are for two reasons. One, that tells me what to be on the lookout for. Two, that lets me see the  wheels that are turning and I can see what the artist envisions come to life.
 Rose Gold Rellz has big plans. for the future. “In 5 years I want my label BIGWIG to be fully staffed and successful as a record label. I want to be able to sit back and help others grow their career rather it’s through music, comedy, fashion, whatever they dream of, BIGWIG will be the place to go.”
Fun Facts
“I know how to play the saxophone and clarinet.”
  • “I played from 5th to 10th grade and I’m pretty good at it.”
  • “I was thinking about dropping a whole Saxophone album but that would kill the game lol.”
DO IT… DROP that whole sax album!!!!!!
Social Media
Instagram @ _rose_goldy_
TikTok @rosegoldrellz
All major platforms as Rose Gold Rellz.
YouTube @ rose gold rellz.

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