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‘The Lettuce’

Written by on April 1, 2024

 “David REY {The Lettuce} is a Son, Husband, Father, and servant to all of the Great Creators creations.” Hailing from New York City, The Lettuce currently resides in the mid Hudson region of New York State. The Lettuce is an artist that has early roots in feeling music and drawing a connection with it. As most artists do, he has faced obstacles. However, The Lettuce has and will continue to prevail. Read on to learn more.

Musical Influences

Music was an important aspect of the Lettuce’s childhood. I am always curious to know what attracted an artist to music. I think it is important to know the answer to this question as it helps understand the artist’s creativity. The Lettuce was attracted to music in a unique way. “I received the transmission from the radio frequency and was heavily influenced by my family’s love of all music.” RUN that BACK.  He literally felt the music in what I assume was a sense of delivery from music to his soul.

The Lettuce’s biggest influences were his parents and his environment. His parents played old records (45s) on the weekends and he would hear music through boomboxes while exploring his outside environment.  I envision a child walking down the streets of busy NYC and not being phased by the traffic or the other people. The child is just taking in the music that played through a boombox.


The Lettuce has a unique perspective on collaborating with others. Outside of wanting to collab with the “elder statesman of hip-hop culture (Nas, Jada, WuTang, and many others)” he would like to collab with someone that is equally interested in collaborating with him. The Lettuce understands that he can add value as well as receive value through collaboration with individuals that respect one another’s artistic ability and expression. I LOVE THIS!!!! Often artists want to collaborate with just individuals that they admire or grew up listening to. But the Lettuce understands his worth and wants the collaboration to be reciprocal. Perspective is what sets The Lettuce apart from other artists. His music is a collection of  life experiences interpreted through his own eyes.


Any of the challenges or obstacles that The Lettuce faces in his work occur as a result of self infliction, lack of belief  in himself and worrying too much about the public opinion of the music he creates.  To overcome these challenges, “I have to be selfish and strong and not give a fuck about what people are going to say. However, once I  release my creations into the public, it is subject to criticism, critique and praise. If I’m willing to deal with these three things then I’ll  Present to the world. If I’m not ready to deal with one of these 3 things, then it’s best to keep this to myself.” WOW. Raw and REAL. Artists are people too they also worry about how others look at them. Often, we assume that artists do not succumb to obstacles. That is obviously incorrect. However, with focus and a go getter attitude obstacles can be overcome.

The Lettuce has advice for someone that is up and coming and hoping to be successful-“Never give up on your dream, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the dream doesn’t have an expiration date.” I agree wholeheartedly a dream is always attainable.  In five years The Lettuce hopes to be in a better situation than he is in today.

Fun Facts

  • The Lettuce loves nature documentaries
  • The Lettuce loves the idea of love.
  • The Lettuce has an upcoming EP called, “If I triggered you. I’m sorry.” This project is 20 years in the making. Wow!!

Social Media

Instagram  @The_LETTUCE_NYC












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  1. Stylez 3   On   April 2, 2024 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you for reviving me bruh.. That advice you’ve dropped. Really inspired me to become creative again… And now seeing those words on here. Really shows me that you care.. I promise not to let the dream go again… Love you bruh… STYLEZ 3…. for good 4life…..

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