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She’s a Maneater

Written by on May 7, 2023

Historically, women have been given the short end of the stick compared to men as a result of antiquated gender roles and stereotypes. Women have had to fight harder to gain recognition, respect, and reciprocity. One example in the arena of music is  James Brown’s  ‘This is a Man’s World’. He sings about all the things that men provide to this world, but that this world would be nothing without a woman. Hence,  man can do everything and anything with constant recognition. But a woman is only recognized to benefit the man. Despite any outdated ideas of where woman stand in society, women tend to prevail leaving their mark in what today is often still considered, by some, a man’s world.

Pretty Bulli

Pretty Bulli is setting the record straight and helping women to understand that they can be persistent and motivated and that does not make them aggressive or cocky. Bulli is a female artist/ songwriter from Buffalo, New York. As a woman she has often found herself on the short end of the stick with regard to her greatness as a female Hip-Hop artist. Compared to males in the music industry, “we have to work twice as hard to receive the recognition.” Bulli says. Not only is this woman beautiful, she is lyrically out of this world.  Bulli seems to embody the idea of nonconformity and refuses to be put in a box. This shows through in her music.  Bulli’s song ‘Man Eater’ is truly hardcore. She is letting everyone know who she is, and what she is coming for- any man that dares get in her way. A woman of this caliber holds so much power and prominence. I am happy to see a female artist that is not afraid to lyrically defend herself or speak her mind with confidence and persistence.


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