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Long Live the Queen

Written by on May 26, 2023

May 24, 2023, the world lost an Icon. The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner, died at 83 years old. I have seen countless memes referencingĀ  Anna Mae “eating the cake” or Ike meeting Tina at the entrance of “heaven”. Some find it funny. Some don’t. Another’s misfortune should never be used for comedic relief. Just my opinion! At any rate, Tina was a powerhouse in the music world. She was ‘Simply the Best’.Ā  Angela Bassett’s portrayal inĀ  ‘What’s Love Got to Do With it’ was amazing. Not many biographically based stories depict the individual’s life accurately. In my opinion, this was an epic portrayal. Below is an article that shows Bassett paying homage to Turner after her death.


Thinking of Turner’s life and marriage to Ike will always evoke feelings of sadness and empathy. We all heard the stories. But we do not know what Tina truly felt. What we do know is that Tina made it out! She proved that the amount of turmoil in her life would never outweigh her blessings and success. She is a true hero and survivor!

Below is a list of Turner’s biggest hits on the Billboard 100 Hits


Fun Facts

Turner sold her back catalogue to BMG in 2021.

Turner had her legs insured.

Turner left the United States because her success and support was more prevalent in Europe.





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