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We Are Not the Same

Written by on May 20, 2023

Last year (May 2022), in my hometown of Buffalo, New York, there was a mass shooting that would leave 10 people dead, three people injured, and a community filled with anger, loss, frustration, and fear. This incident truly hit home. Usually, I can NOT just write a poem about something dead on the spot. But this time was different. The words were racing through my mind and emotions  through my heart. I could not get my  thoughts down on paper fast enough.  So, I grabbed my pen and let it all pour out.


We are Not the Same

There’s a target on my back
But I won’t turn around
These tears in my eyes
I won’t let them fall down.
There’s a target on my back
Because I’m not like you
You believe what you’ve heard but much of it is not true.
There’s a target on my back
Because you don’t understand
The need for the respect, I frequently demand.
There’s a target on my back
That reminds me of old times
And makes it harder to forget that we are in new times… but not really because the time… it just rewinds.
This target on my back makes me different than you
I rarely see fair treatment, yet, you always do
This target won’t define me
But it will take some time to understand your world…but you’ll never understand mine.
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