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In this thing we call life, we encounter many people. Some of these individuals create an impact in our lives. Often, this impact leads us to strive towards similar things in life. These events open our eyes to the idea that we, too, can achieve success. The previous was the case for rapper H-D as […]

Music Artists often need to find a balance that helps them keep a fan base and stay relevant. One artist that I can think of that has done this- has done so by unapologetically being herself. She has collaborated with the likes of Ciara, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Alyson Stoner, and but not limited to Timbaland. […]

  Three years ago was the the inception of Flava 1 Radio Station. A radio station is a radio station, right? WRONG! Flava 1 Radio is a game changer. Not only do they play tha Hitz, tha Jointz, and the Classix there is also always an opportunity for the public to interact with the DJs. […]

I’m sure we all have been in that stage of life where we wanted to be cool or impress someone. Maybe we just wanted to fit in. On August 11, 1973, this was the case for Cindy Campbell. Cindy needed a creative way to make money to buy new school clothes. What better way to […]

Writing is one creative way that people can express themselves. Writing stories and songs is an amazing way to live vicariously through a character or façade. One of my favorite past times is writing poetry. Poetry to me, is writing that allows an individual to divulge his or her feelings in an expressive way that […]

Flava1 Radio has really put themselves on the map. Last month, they took over Atlanta unapologetically. Flava 1 is going big places and doing big things. As DJ Jiles would say Flava 1 is outsiiiiiiide. That said, without further a do…. 📣Ladies and gentlemen 📣 May I please have your attention! Flava 1 Radio is […]

Every now and again we come across an artist that is part of a genre, but in a true category of his or her own. Thus, this person stands out amongst others and cannot really be compared to another artist. Busta Rhymes is one of these artists. The ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can […]