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  We have all heard the phrase do not judge a book by its cover. Or you cannot understand a person unless you put their shoes on and walk around in their skin. As Cliché as these sound… they are true. Below a person’s surface is where you find what lies in their core. T.O. […]

🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 Flava 1 Radio has done it again.  This past Saturday the team was rockin’ out at the Sumpter Street Block Party in Brooklyn. I may be biased but when the team comes together in unison they are nothing short of amazing. The public had a great time and most importantly people were OUTSIDE (mingling […]

Sometimes fans feel unnoticed or think that they will never get a response from someone that they see as a celebrity or someone they hold in high regard. It is important to show people that stardom and fandom are equally important and that we can all admire one another as well as learn from each […]

When they came together to create this radio station, I don’t know if Clayton Wynter, Roy Padro, or Harry Hurst knew just how much of a following they would gain or the impact that they would have on others. These three partners created this platform that allows themselves and their fellow team of DJS to […]

May 24, 2023, the world lost an Icon. The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner, died at 83 years old. I have seen countless memes referencing  Anna Mae “eating the cake” or Ike meeting Tina at the entrance of “heaven”. Some find it funny. Some don’t. Another’s misfortune should never be used for comedic […]

HELLO! First, let me say hooray to the Flava 1 team! The growth is continuous so too will be the success. Allow me to introduce myself as Flava1’s blogger. This arena will be your comedy, fun, news, and opinion source.  Prepare yourself for this ride!  I plan to keep you all engaged and curious.   […]