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Written by on December 3, 2023

GO!!!!! When I think about the word GO I think about getting up and getting things done. To some, the word GO might mean to take off and not return. To many, we scream, “GO” when someone in traffic is taking too long to turn. You get the point. Today, however, GO means Game Over. Read more below to learn about G.O. and what he brings to the music game.



All About G.O.

Game over, also known as G.O. is a  hip/hop rap artist from New Jersey with Colombian roots. Notorious B.I.G., Pac, Big Pun, and Wu-Tang are some of G.O.’s biggest musical influences. J-Cole is someone from the current music era that G.O. would like to collaborate with. “We’ll make a classic track,” G.O. said. There are two major things that set G.O. apart from other people in the industry. G.O. looks at the rap game as a business and he understands that time and money must be invested to be successful.

G.O. has advice for people that are up and coming and hoping to be successful, “Don’t wait on nobody. Handle your business.” YES! I agree. People must do what they need to, to make themselves successful. Waiting on others will waste time and potential. For G.O. life and its distractions are challenges. However, to keep up wit his flow and maintain balance G.O. “keeps pushing and gets shit done.”

Fun Facts

G.O. Is a “believer that God sees all.” Everyday he gives blessings out.



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