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“They told me don’t compete with the locals… follow your vision. Every time I look in the mirror… all I see is competition.” RUN THAT BAAAACK!!!!!!That’s just one of the lines that had me hooked on the song ‘Forever’ by Rose Gold Rellz. This song has a familiar old school melody and feel to it. […]

In this thing we call life, we encounter many people. Some of these individuals create an impact in our lives. Often, this impact leads us to strive towards similar things in life. These events open our eyes to the idea that we, too, can achieve success. The previous was the case for rapper H-D as […]

Searching for solemn and silence…some peace inside the quiet… But my thoughts are too loud, disrespectful and violent… They always approach me starting a riot. My head is exploding, my body imploding, and I’m taking with me all of my old dreams. Now silence is loud…It’s so dark in here… To my left is my […]

For every interview blog I conduct  the individual’s perspectives, life experiences, and influences are different. But they are all the same in the sense that I never know what to expect. I cannot simply say, “oh I know what this interview will be like” or “this person reminds me of someone else”. What you see […]