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For every interview blog I conduct¬† the individual’s perspectives, life experiences, and influences are different. But they are all the same in the sense that I never know what to expect. I cannot simply say, “oh I know what this interview will be like” or “this person reminds me of someone else”. What you see […]

Historically, the film industry has not acknowledged African Americans in the same light as it has its European Counter parts. We see this often in¬† nominations for acting, producing, directing, and films.¬† This, however, has not stopped African American people from attempting to attain the same acknowledgment that they, too, deserve. Khalil Carr, is a […]

Photographers can create a scene, bring a subject’s vision to life, and get lost in moment with their photos. The ability to take a photograph of something or someone gives an individual a sense of freedom…freedom to capture, freedom to explore, freedom to imagine. A photographer has the ability to engage in some of an […]

We’ve all heard the sayings- “The Sky is the limit”, “Reach for the Stars”, and “The World is Yours”! While these expressions may sound clich√© they are seemingly true.¬† Given the right tools, and personal motivation, all individuals have the potential to hone in on their creative idiosyncrasies. I interviewed a young woman named Amari […]