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DJ Flash G

I’m DJ Flash G, that cool Harlem Kat from the city so nice, they named it twice, New York, New York. I was no stranger to music, as I came out the womb beating on my mother’s pots and pans and using her albums as cymbals.

Growing up, my homeboy’s older brothers, used to dj all the time, while sipping on E&J and private stock. I would listen to them mixing and scratching all the old school, break beats along with doing tricks, which I found was more entertaining than watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

Whenever, they had gigs in the park, I had the privilege of carrying their crates of records over there. While I was walking through the Wooden Barricade and police lines, the crowds of people there would just stare at you, like you were a celebrity.

During their (my homeboy’s older brothers) sound checks, they would let me get on the 1&2’s for my “7 minutes of fame.” When I got a little older, along with djing, we began including rap battles in the gigs/shows, as well. Although I never rapped, I would beatbox the hell out of a tune. From then and until this very day, music and DJing have become “my thang.”

My inspirations came from ALL DJs and other WALKS OF LIFE, as everyone has brought something to the table that has influenced me. However, in this present day, I’m really inspired by people that I attended school and/or grew up with.

The artists/my childhood friends that I’ve been inspired by the most are: Hip-Hop artist Cam’ron, Kings of Swing (Karl) Actor Malik Yoba, Damon Dash, Actress Victoria Dillard and the CEO of Multi-Media Entertainment company Monami Productions.

Needless to say, I have the pleasure of DJing on Flava1 Radio! I want to thank all involved, for giving me this opportunity, to fulfill each and every one of you, with eargasms.. If You ain’t Sweatin’…IT AIN’T A PARTY!