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Roy Padro, AKA DJ Unknown, was born in the Bronx and resides in Buffalo, New York.
Busta Rhymes, Nas, Jay-Z, Jam Master Jay, and Jazzy Jeff have influenced DJ Unknown’s love of music and impacted his creative style. As a DJ, he has a unique ability to captivate his crowd through flexibility, ingenuity, and versatility.

DJ Unknown has collaborated with the likes of R-Mac, Stan Da Man, J-Hood, Mims, and Ballistic Man (just to name a few) on Mixtapes such as The Day After Tomorrow, Frightfest, and Rise of An Empire.

Unknown is a co-founder of Flava1 Radio, an online radio station. It is here that Unknown gives artists a chance to have music on rotation and creates an open platform for DJs, including himself, to hone in on their craft. To date, Flava 1 Radio can be heard in more than 50 countries worldwide.

“I intend on changing the culture of music and hope to give my audience the best experiences while opening the door for others through mentorshhip and leadership.”

“If I take my eyes off my goals I will create obstacles and not success”