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DJ Everett is located in Colorado, south of Denver. He developed a love for music at an early age listening to his parents playing records. His initial exposure to DJing was through a friend. He would help the friend haul records to and from gigs. While in college, in the 90s he started a DJ business with a roommate because they were unhappy with the DJs they would see at college parties. After college he took a long hiatus from DJing, until he was inspired to DJ again in 2015 after coming across several DJs on the live streaming app Periscope. DJ Everett live streams frequently on Twitch. DJ Everett’s musical tastes span many genres from hip to R&B to yacht rock to funk, soul and disco.

Creative young established DJ with 2 plus years of experience looking for new opportunities to further develop and showcase my skills and professional background.

A Harlem born and raised DJ with 15 years in the game and a passion for music. I truly enjoy having people party and have a good time listening to my mixes.

I’ve been djing for over 20 years.  I started as a rapper, aka Chilly Lee, in East New York Brooklyn.

I’m DJ Flash G, that cool Harlem Kat from the city so nice, they named it twice, New York, New York. I was no stranger to music, as I came out the womb beating on my mother’s pots and pans and using her albums as cymbals. Growing up, my homeboy’s older brothers, used to dj […]

DJ Divine Grooves Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I developed a love for DJ’ing at a young age. Watching the block party DJ’s around the way, listening to the mixed tapes play out the boom boxes in the park during handball games, tuning in to WBLS and 98.7 kiss FM dance party live shows, listening to Cool DJ Red Alert on Kiss FM in the early 80’s. Inspired by the legendary DJ Mix Master Ice from the rap group U.T.F.O from around the block and listening to the livest backyard Reggae and Calypso parties echoing throughout the neighborhood, it was no question I wanted to be a part of the movement. Got my first pair of Gemini Belt Drive turntables AND mixer in the late 80’s and it was on!! Rocking basement parties with my brother C. Combined with the love of music from multiple genres, I always had music in my ears. It was super natural for me to be a DJ!

DJ HD is the featured disc jockey at Hi-Def DJs. He was raised in Miami, FL and grew up with a life long passion for music. South Florida is a melting pot of different cultures and flavors. This dynamic atmosphere has strongly influenced the diverse and high-energy nature of DJ HD's music. Having an ear for what excites you is what he specializes in. He will have you rockin' to dances from "The Twist" to "The Nae Nae" and everything else in between. Salsa, ballroom, hip-hop, reggae, country, Sinatra are just examples his musical fluency. DJ HD has performed professionally for over a decade across multiple states mand overseas! He has performed for major corporations, huge organizations, and celebrities. DJ HD constantly upgrades all sound systems and equipment in order to meet the increased demands of an ever-expanding customer base. He has performed at some of the best wedding venues like 200 Peachtree (The Westin), The Georgian Terrace, Ashton Gardens, Club Oro Dominican Republic, Eagle's Landing Country Club, Atlanta Peachtree Club, The Commerce Club, just to name a few. And as always with DJ HD you get service with a smile. Now it is your turn to experience music in Hi-Definition!

I grew up in Daly City, CA around some of the illest djs in the world. From the early to mid 1990s I produced for artists, also I was a studio and tour DJ for Del The Funky Homosapien.